Friday, 17 April 2015

A story...

Once upon a time... 

Not long ago, three women: Katie, Michele and P met on Facebook, at a book blog event that lasted the whole day.  

To cut the story short, it was a fabulous day and Katie, Michele and P 'clicked', although they lived (and still live) miles, indeed a Channel, apart. They were all book worms and the fun they had formed a connection between them. 

Time passed and Katie, Michele and P, although they never met (at least all three together) in person, became good friends and their friendship grew. Quite quickly they started to share with each other more personal stuff, not just things related to books.

Then one day, P decided to reveal her secret to the others. She had started to write a novel. She had written the first chapter and she needed someone to evaluate it - she needed a second and honest opinion; to know if the story was interesting enough to continue.  

It wasn't easy for her to tell them what she had done. Both friends were avid readers and had read many books; perfectly written with perfect English grammar. They were even friends with some already published authors.  

But finally P gathered her courage and sent the first chapter to them. She practically chewed off her nails waiting for their comments. P knew very well that her grammar was far, far, oh so far, from perfect, so she wasn't afraid of feedback on that aspect of her writing. She was afraid that the story and the plot wouldn't be interesting enough and that all the time she'd invested in writing had been wasted.

The feedback she received from Katie and Michele was positive and inspiring. So… the rest is history.

P.S - the story isn't fiction; it really happened.  
Thank you so much, my lovely friends, for all your help and encouragement… Without you, this story would never see the light of the day.


  1. OO P. You have made me cry. Thank you so much for your valued friendship. You inspire me everyday with your stories of your children and how hard some days are for you, yet you just keep going . We maybe miles apart in travel, but in our hearts we are as near as we can possibly be. You sure are one very special lady and "I love the bones of ya". Keep writing and believing in yourself and one day it will all be worth it. Love and hugs to you from me xxx (Thank you) <3

    1. Now I'm crying here... thank you. And yes, you're right... we are miles apart, but our hearts are close...

  2. Oh wow this has me In tears reading this. The day you came into our life was a fantastic and special day and not even thinking how deep our friendship would go but so happy and honoured it has continued and bloomed thank you. You have worked incredibly hard and continue to do so we told you to believe in yourself and wow its finally been proved very we'll done and so deserved. Its been so moving you sharing not only your work but your life too. And you don't have an easy life and its so lovely you sharing the things your super family achieve I feel very humbled and so honoured to have you as a special friend and thank you for being caring and supportive. Love you lots xx♥

    1. Oh, thank you Michele. I'm so glad we met the way we did. Whoever says you can't met true friends on FB, obviously haven't met you, Katie and me... xxx

  3. Aww bless your heart thank you xx♥