Friday, 8 May 2015

A Member of The Goodreads Author Program

Today I can tell you that at the begining of the week I was 'accepted' into the Goodreads Author Program.

Until a week ago, I couldn't send my application as I didn't have a publication date, now I do. It isn't fixed yet, but a TENTATIVE date of publication for my first novel is 1st July 2015 - so, please, mark this date on your calendar and if anything changes, I'll keep everyone informed. Watch this space...

Joining the Goodreads Author Program means that you can find me there now (June Moonbridge) - not just on Twitter (@JMoonbridge) or Facebook (June Moonbridge, Author). 

As I'm actually just at the begining of building my Goodreads Author platform, there's not much there yet, but I promise there will be. Please, don't look at my Reading Challenge 2015 list as I really do the challenge on my other account and it would be unfair to use both - or at least that is my thinking, correct me if I'm wrong.

If you want, you can became my friend on Goodreads - do go ahead and seek me out. I'll defenitely reciprocate.

So, slowly I'm building my social life on the internet - who would have guessed that a few years ago? Definitely not me. 

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