Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Let there be light

For as long as I can remember, I have always preferred daylight or natural light in the evenings or at night. When I was a teenager, my parents (basically my mom) had problems with me, because my room was full of different kinds of candles. 

Small ones, tall ones, scent-free and scented, pure beeswax or just plain. Each candle had its own candlestick and yes, probably you've guessed it already, I lit them every evening no matter what. I avoided electric lights like the plague. 

Basically this shouldn't have been a problem at all, but... yes there’s always a 'but' somewhere in the story, isn't there? My room had a wooden ceiling and, well, my parents were frightened that I might just burn the house down... which I luckily didn't! 

As I said, I was always fond of natural light (although I'm not a morning person) and I am still fond of natural light. The house my family live in has big windows - French windows in the living room - to catch as much sun as possible, not just during the summer, but during the winter too. 
When I’m working at the computer, the only light I use is the light from the screen and nothing more, I don't need anything more. 
Probably one day, I’ll pay for this, but till then, I'll use as little electrical light as possible. 
My OH is fond of those energy saving bulbs. Geez, they get on my nerves. The light is just too bright, too unnatural, and, as I'm the only reason we haven't changed all the bulbs in our house, the kitchen in the winter is like a lightshow in a disco - OH always turns on the energy saving bulb, which, of course, I turn off and then turn on the 'old' one. And then he turns off the old one and turns... well, you get the picture. =)

But there is one more wish on my wish list, one I haven't fulfilled yet. I had and have many candlesticks, lamps and candles, 
although I don't light them so often now I'm a mom. I don't want to go through the same agony as my mom.
But there is one lamp I wish so much to have, and yes, I want the real thing, the proper size, and not just a souvenir to stand on my shelves...

 (photo taken from a web site:
It’s a ‘shoemaker's lamp’. 
These were used - mainly - by shoemakers as early as the 16th century, during the long winter evenings. 
The way this lamp works is simple. As you see, the lamp has four (or one or two or three) glass balls, filled with water, hanging on leather straps. In the middle is a lit candle - later they used kerosene lights instead of candles - and by angling those glass balls and by lifting/dropping them, light can be channelled to exactly where it’s needed.

There aren’t many of them left - the only authentic one is in a museum in our country.
I’ve looked everywhere - searched the internet and flea markets - but man, they are rare. Then finally I discovered that one wood workshop makes replicas. Unfortunately the proper-sized one is… not so cheap.

One day, though, I'll have one.


  1. I prefer natural light too and hate it when people in the office turn on all the lights! My office is in an old hospital ward with big windows!! Lots of opportunity for natural light!

    1. The same with me... I don't turn the lights on untill the rest of the colleague came in... under the lights I feel like a 'farm chicken'... =)