Tuesday, 5 May 2015


For the last decade I’ve been trying to figure out where it goes. Sometimes I have the feeling I’ll meet myself at a crossroads. 

The same thing has happened in the last two weeks. I’ve had so much to do that inadvertently I postponed writing my blog post from day to day, until I realised that April was gone and now we are quite firmly in May.

I love it now that the sun rises earlier in the morning. To be honest though, I'm not a morning person. I'm actually a night person, but life has forced me to be the former and so I try to find something positive in the early mornings and the sunrise is one of them.

For these last two weeks I have been buried - along with all other my daily activities (work & family) - in my Second Project. I started it quite a while ago, but for the last two weeks I have been fully into it. The words have just flowed.

And here it is; 
- Working Title: Project Two 
- Status: Chapter Eight in progress
- Current Total Word Count: 40.773
All this in just the last five months. I could be doing much better, I know. So many other authors write, edit, proofread and publish their work in five months, but looking at my lifestyle - I'm content.
Current plan: to finish in August

I'll let you know if I succeed.


  1. You are doing well, you do your writing in your own time, if you rush you will not be content.. Some of the writers do not have little children nor a full time job to go alongside their writing. <3