Monday, 29 June 2015

Dream a Little Dream

It's almost here and I'm waiting for it patiently. I know the earth won't move any differently, but nevertheless... a goal I set two years ago will happen. 

My debut novel RACING HEART, will be published by Safkhet Soul and if you want to be one of the first to read it, you can pre-order on any Amazon site. (I'm repeating myself here, right?)

A few years ago, when my life centred around only one thing, I stopped, breathed and thought about it. 

I finally realised that I'm much more than that one thing, and that I'm good at other things too (by the way - I'm still not a master of that one thing, but I'm learning along the way).
So it was then that I sat down at my computer and looked for a long forgotten file; the one that contained every single thing I've ever written. You know, I don't delete anything I've written. Not even if I think it's utterly crap. 

The reason for that is because I once accidently deleted the complete file of my new novel - all together one whole night's work, around 15000 words. 

Well, actually I didn't delete it - what's worse is that I forgot to save it while I was typing it, and when the devil has its youngsters then he has a thousand of them and when the morning came we had a power cut. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, was lost. I never tried to re-write it, although parts of the story are still in my head. Something prevents me from doing so... even after almost two decades. Crazy, right? But that's how it is...  

When I found that long forgotten file, it was a turning point. I set myself a goal that in three years from then, I would write a novel in English, I would sign a publishing contract and my novel - the first one in English - would be published. 

The only thing I can say is - it's not yet been three years. And it's so nice to see it 'up there'...