Monday, 22 June 2015

Racing Heart - Book Blurb

I know I raced with the news about the publication day - 1st July 2015 - of my debut novel Racing Heart

Finally today I'm revealing you also - if you haven't checked already on Safkhet Publishing  or on Amazon - Racing Heart the novel's blurb:

At age twenty-five Desire Hart has experienced almost too much.

Taking drastic measures and changing everything in her life; her identity, her hometown and the country of residence, she hopes her new life will help her find her kidnaped son. Desire is determined that nothing will prevent her achieving her goal. Not even love which has led her to skate on thin ice in the past once too many times.

One spring evening she meets the golden boy of F1 racing, Lorcan Shore, and finds herself falling for him. Struggling to supress that feeling, she realises he might help her get closer to the child she starts to undoubtedly believe is her long lost son.

But nothing goes according to, what she believes, so well planned actions. Everything goes wrong. Her identity is revealed by the press, Lorcan experiences the unexpected racing accident and she finds out that the trail she was given leads her to another dead end. In despair she does, what she does best; she runs away.

Set against the glamorous backdrops of Monaco, Paris and Nice, 'Racing Heart' mixes romance and mystery as Desire struggles to come to terms with her past and learns how to accept love into her life once again.

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