Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Book Cover Reveal Tour - Day 2

Another hot day - I think it's 10th in a row - and today we reached 38°C. That was how much my car STILL showed after 1 hour drive on a highway. I won't go even to the temperature which it showed when I got into my car. But Summer is here and we have been promised 'better' temperatures in a near future.

Today is another day - Day 2 - in Book Cover Review Tour coordinated by Brook Cottage Books Blog written by our dear JB Johnston. 

Today  two lovely ladies joined in.
So far you can check out here: 

Rachel's Random Reads

and followed by

Celtic Connexions written by another author Melanie Robertson-King.

The Giveaway is still open and you can enter it on each of blogs written above - Just a click away!
Come and check the blogs, you'll find many other interesting books there too! You won't be sorry!

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