Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Book Cover Reveal Tour - Day 3

Today was another hot day here, but luckily in the afternoon the breeze started to sway our oak tree branches. Finally. 

Although we are still silently waiting in fear that this 'change' in weather might bring midnight hail and thunderstorms, I hope this will not happen. It didn't cooled down that much, just for about 10°C (that means down to 28°C) not less... yet.

Nevertheless, today was the third day in Book Cover Review Tour coordinated by Brook Cottage Books blog,  and today you are able to find 'me' on:

Around the world in books written by lovely Melissa Rose and where you can also check where the books took her already;

Book Cover Reveal is also featured on: Jen's Reading Obsession (pssst... you'll love the look of her blog)

And also lovely Glynis Smy unrevealed the cover of my novel on The Virtual Bookcase

Go on, check the blogs and join in. The Giveaway is still open! 

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