Friday, 31 July 2015

Book reviews

I had to face a one star review the day after my book was published. I perhaps shouldn't be telling you this, but I am. I think most of us have to deal with a one star review sooner or later. I confess it didn't (still doesn't) feel nice. It's only two lines long, but, nevertheless, I re-read it a few times. 

Then I stopped, breathed and a thought occurred. The book's publication day was on 1st July 2015, and the review appeared on 2nd July. It reads:
"I barely made it through this book."

Ummm...what? Don't quite get this. The book was bought the previous day (although the review doesn’t come from a verified purchaser) so the reviewer has read it in one day and has written: I barely made it through...

If I don't like a book - it doesn't matter why - I don't read it in a day, it takes me a week or even more, because I have a hard time convincing myself to carry on. But that's obviously just me.

But then I got a four star review, by verified purchaser katiematie, saying: 
"I found this a very entertaining debut book.... It is an easy to follow storyline and you do not have to be a racing fan to be able to enjoy it.
Like a track there are a lot of twists and turns throughout the storyline..." 

It was like a bandage over my bruised writing confidence. 

Not long after that, I saw a tweet: 
"It's a well crafted story and your book ought to be read!" says @BeaumontBee

And then there were three - yes THREE - 5 star reviews.  Two appeared on the same day and all three are from verified purchasers.
Here are some snippets:

Always reading says:
"This is a great racy read."           

Renata says:
"This book is really amazing. The story of the book is thrilling from the beginning to end. You could find there love, tension, joy, sadness and a lot of surprises. I could recommend this book. I couldn't break away from reading."

and Michele says:
"Wow... I was spellbound, excited, enthralled and glued to the story line with lots of twists keeping you, not wanting to put the book down. You feel as if you're there in Monaco and all the wonderful places you are taken to. I highly recommend this fast paced book."

Now, that kinda makes you forget about the first one, doesn't it? You don't have to believe me. The reviews - all of them - are right there, on, and on Goodreads. You can check them for yourself.
But as with all new, not known or indie authors out there, I'm trying to get as may reviews as possible, so:  

Thank you if you have purchased or if you're going to purchase Racing Heart. We all know time is scarce, so I thank you for taking the time to read it. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and it would be much appreciated. Thank you again. 


  1. Nice post, June. You are so right. Reading is subjective and we all get them They do sap your confidence, but take heart from those fabulous positive reviews. :) xx

  2. I am trying to do reviews for new authors when I read their books, but there's a responsibility too as you want to do the book justice and not just write any old thing!

    1. I know Blue Sky. I have the same trouble... but I've learned that you don't need to write a PhD dissertation... a line or two on Amazon or Goodreads can be just as good... and thank you for writing reviews.