Monday, 20 July 2015

Walking in somebody else's shoes

is something that writers try to do. From story to story, from novel to novel, from one fictional character to another. Isn't that the truth? With each and every story that comes into our heads, we are trying to walk in someone else's shoes. 

We stumble, we fall, we walk and we try to run too. 

That is one of the purposes of writing. To "crawl" into somebody else's mind and live that life. It doesn't matter if it's only for a little while. That's what we do. And to be honest, I'm proud that I can do it.

So, not long ago, I was - to put it nicely - accused of being  impatient, bossy, pushy, etc...
I won't deny it; I can be all those things. 

If it is important for my children, my family and, not least, for me - I can be even worse than that. Believe me; I can be.

I read those accusations and couldn't defend myself. I didn't feel that in that particular case I was all those things. But I said to myself:

'Okay. It's one of those days - a bad day. I'll live.'

But then I saw it, right there, written between the lines; You can't put yourself into my shoes and see how hard life can be.'

To be honest, I wasn't even trying to. And for that reason instead of being hurt, (what was the purpose of the accusation), I had to laugh.

I learned very quickly that until you walk a few miles in somebody else's shoes, you can't say that you truly understand their life. No matter how hard we try, we can't. 

And that goes for everyone. Yes, some of us are lucky enough to have a vivid imagination, the ability to 'create lives', but those are fictional lives and they are what we make them. 

But real life? We all bear our own personal crosses. Perhaps my life is easy, perhaps it isn't. It doesn't matter. You know only what I choose to share with you and nothing more. How you picture my life is up to you, but don't say you know how it is. Believe me, you don't.
I won't apologize for the way I am. This is one part of me and all anyone can do is accept me or...don't. 

In this era of social networking sometimes we reveal too much.  

I choose not to.


  1. I agree we can sometimes reveal too much I am guilty of this... Great Blog honey xx

    1. Thank you Katie. No matter how careful we are... we sometimes reveal too much... (by the way: I don't have a feeling that you reveal too much). xoxo