Monday, 24 August 2015

Peace in Monday Madness

I'm not particularly fond of Mondays. I know I'm not the only one, but today, sitting on the terrace, just a few minutes ago, I realised... 

Mondays can be peaceful too. You just have to be open to see it.

So, I decided I'm going to try to find in every Monday something peaceful. As I'm definitely not a professional photographer, please don't judge too harshly my attempts to catch those peaceful moments.

Saturday, 22 August 2015


A few days ago a question popped up in an authors' group of which I'm a member. The question was, what do we listen to when we write or think of writing.

Not really few members answered that they need silence while writitng. I'm quite the opposite; I need music.

It doesn't matter what I do; driving to and from my work, while working in the office, being home doing housework, playing with the kids, reading and last but certainly not least, when I write. I need some background music. It keeps me going. 

Now, I'm not a musican myself, although I'm sorry that I'm not, but hey, that's life. 

I always needed music around me; in my teenage years and some years after that too, I was only able to fell asleep if I had the radio on and I woke up when the alarm (music on a radion) went off the next morning. 

So it's actually no wonder that I listen to music while I write. I listen to radio or CDs or even something from my many different Youtube lists... I have plenty of them...
I also listen to diffrent types of music, from Classic Insturmental, Opera and Musical,  to Jazz (the 'old' one), Country, Electronic, New Age, Latin, Pop, Rock... basically almost everything. 

But there is one genre that actually stole my heart; I always somehow return back to it. Irish folk music...

It's funny as I'm not from the island, but the songs... ah well, let them speak for themselves...

Thursday, 6 August 2015


Here's one thing. I don't make New Year's resolutions! Ever. For the past decade at least. For one reason - I learned in the past that I suck at sticking to my goals. 

I usually make one (ONE? Hmmm...)  big mistake. Really big! 

When I finally set myself a goal I talk about it to anyone who'll listen. And there's a catch... 
I won't say that people are blocking me or that they are trying to hold me back, throwing obstacles in my path - but something has prevented me reaching my goals.

And then I figured it out (wow, what a revelation): IT WAS ME! 

Yes, me. I blocked myself. Don't ask me why. I still need to think about this... But every time I tell people about my goals, I fail to reach them! 

So, while on our family vacation I looked back - no, not on my life, way too many skeletons in the closet - but on my last goal, a goal that I set for myself three years ago. And I realised that I've actually achieved it. WOW!

That was an "A-HA" moment. I can do it. I just need to keep my mouth shut! 

So I said to myself... it's time to set another one! 
(I know, I know... you're probably thinking: "Now she's not just going to tell her friends, but the whole world!" ~~~ But I won't tell.)

And I did. Without any proper preparation relating to how the goal should be set, I did it. In my head. Although that second step is still somewhat in the 'under construction' phase...

I'm already half way up... I'm working on it.