Saturday, 22 August 2015


A few days ago a question popped up in an authors' group of which I'm a member. The question was, what do we listen to when we write or think of writing.

Not really few members answered that they need silence while writitng. I'm quite the opposite; I need music.

It doesn't matter what I do; driving to and from my work, while working in the office, being home doing housework, playing with the kids, reading and last but certainly not least, when I write. I need some background music. It keeps me going. 

Now, I'm not a musican myself, although I'm sorry that I'm not, but hey, that's life. 

I always needed music around me; in my teenage years and some years after that too, I was only able to fell asleep if I had the radio on and I woke up when the alarm (music on a radion) went off the next morning. 

So it's actually no wonder that I listen to music while I write. I listen to radio or CDs or even something from my many different Youtube lists... I have plenty of them...
I also listen to diffrent types of music, from Classic Insturmental, Opera and Musical,  to Jazz (the 'old' one), Country, Electronic, New Age, Latin, Pop, Rock... basically almost everything. 

But there is one genre that actually stole my heart; I always somehow return back to it. Irish folk music...

It's funny as I'm not from the island, but the songs... ah well, let them speak for themselves...

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