Friday, 4 September 2015

Time ~ The End ?

At the begining of May I wrote a blog post entitled Time in which I talked about how time flies. The post also included a short summary of my current WIP. 

Status on 2nd May 2015:

- Working Title: Project Two 

- Status: Chapter Eight in progress

- Current Total Word Count: 40773

I also wrote that I planned to finish it by the end of August 2015. Today I can proudly say that I managed to do it. It was finished on 31st August 2015. 

With the help of a friend I wrote the second draft and completed the first grammar corrections on that day. And wrote those final two words: The End. 

The question mark? 
To be honest I wasn't really sure it was the end - but it was... finished.  

I struggled with writing the last sceenes of the last chapter. I always do. As soon as the ending is in my head, I have a hard time putting the words on the paper. It doesn't matter that I know I have to let them go - I still try to hold on to the characters, to the story for one more day, one more night... 

But then it's time -  time to let go. But I know they won't leave so quickly. There's an unavoidable way to meet them again - through four dreadful letters. 



  1. It is hard to say goodbye to your characters, but they wlll be forever in your mind and your heart. It is fantastic you have finished you new novel. I can hardly wait :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Renata... I know you're right - they will stay with me..

  2. Your books are like your children , you give birth to them, you give them names, you give them a story then you let them fly to soar and float in the world of the readers. Good Luck in your future, it is going to be a great one.