Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Facing the Dilemma

Sometimes I wonder if twenty-four hours per day will ever be enough for me to do all the things:
- I have to do
- I must do
- I want to do
- I'd love to do...
Not necessarily in this order... 

Today I somehow managed to do all the things on the lists from the first and second bullet point. The thing is; I do them every single day. Yeah, my real life makes me do them with no exception.

Now, in the evening I finally reached the third and fourth bullet points' lists and I'm facing a dilemma. Which 'things to do list' to tick first. 
To be honest with you, I have approximately another three to four hours to do at least some things, but they are all quite 'time consuming' - in a good way.

I have to decide between:
- re-reading the last proofread of my second novel and get the final 'finesse' to be ready for submitting;
- write Chapter Fifteen of my next WIP. 

I have also one more thing to do, but this one I'll keep as a secret just for a while more...

So choosing between three things isn't easy and, well, as you can see - I started on a completely different thing - on one that was not even on my 'to do list'... sheesh... 

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