Monday, 28 March 2016

The truth is out

For a quite some time some of my friends have suggested that I finally come out with the truth, what is the real name behind June Moonbridge.
It's a bit funny, to be honest, because I basically convinced myself that the truth is well known, but it looks like - it's not. 
First of all, those who don't know about what am I writing - here are some facts:
 - the name 'June Moonbridge' is a pen name
 - June Moonbridge (humble me) published a debut novel in English Racing Heart (with Safkhet Publishing) in year 2015. Available to download on any Amazon site, like for only 0,99€/0,99$/0,99£.
 - for all the years I've been writing I was writing under pen names and here are just a few I used in the past: 
~  Eri Krt (three published books in my little country)
~ Patrick Cloud (published stories in a magazines - way, way back - yes it's a male name)
~  Sophie - gosh I can't even remember what last name I used (published stories in a magazine - way, way, way back)
~  probably there were even more names that I can't remember.
I can tell you that if you look for those names, you won't find them. Except if you're from Slovenia, then you'll find Eri Krt as an author of three novels published at the beginning of the millennium, and you'll find my three novels in libraries - but be sure, they are out of the sales for a long time now. 
Other names, I don't think you'll find anywhere except if you have any old copies of the magazine Ljubezenske zgodbe (Love stories) which - you won't believe it - I do have... ;)
People often asked me and are asking me how I came up with a certain pen name. For all those I listed above (except for the June Moonbridge) all I was ever able to say was:
"Gosh, I don't know." 
For a certain time I probably did know, but the 'knowledge' was lost as life was happening.
So when I decided to write in English and when I started to look for a publisher beyond our borders I have chosen for myself the new pen name - June Moonbridge sounded perfect although I had several others in my mind, but the truth be told, I wanted a unique one... 
Being a Gemini it never felt strange for me to use a pen name. There are so many different aspects to me of me, that basically and even if it sounds strange, those aspects, those personalities craved for a different name than the one my parents (and my husband) gave me.
One of the reasons why I started to write under a pen name is described under 'About me' - yes it was my high school teacher who disliked everything I had written. So, I wanted second/third/fourth opinions and pen names were required.
The reason why I chose a pen name over my real one now - so many years after finishing high school, was - I somehow wanted to separate my 'real' life with my writing one. I'm weird, I know. 
But somehow it looks now it was not really a good decision. The world became a global village and with Facebook and Twitter and other social media we can reach and make connection to the cities, the countries and let’s face it - the continents to which in my teenage years were able to reach only with real letters (I had many pen friends around the world during that time) and it took time to get them around the globe. 
So, before I published my first novel in English, I've made a circle of friends (yes, friends) through Facebook under my real name. Some of you I informed about the fact who June Moonbridge was/is. Some I missed or I thought that the truth is already out and known to the public. It looks like it was/is not. 
So here it is - the real name (and face) behind pen name of June Moonbridge:

Petra Rovere
Yes, that's me. Shocking? I hope not. 
So if you ever cross June Moonbridge, Author on the Facebook or Twitter, take a minute and say 'Hi!' I'll definitely greet you back.