Sunday, 8 May 2016

Going Indie #2 ~ Book cover

I always thought that choosing the right cover for your novel can't be hard.

I picture perfect covers for my novels when they were and are still in WIP status. You know how it goes. It's everything right there, within the story. As an author I knew what I want. But, not everything goes as smooth as sliding down the slide. 

I often wondered how come that authors choose to ask their readers, friends, followers... etc... about which cover to chose. I was pretty sure I'd never do that. Boy was I mistaken.

So what happened?

In the process of 'going indie' the first thing I wanted to sort out was - the cover!

I contacted quite few cover artists and at the end I decided to hire Elle from EJR Digital Art
After I fulfilled her information form, she sent me only few days later three cover between which I had to make a choice. 

I immediately liked two and discarded the third. Although I liked both that were left, there were some minor things that bothered me. So I asked her to do some tweaks and not long after that she returned me her revisions.

They were... not something I really liked. I asked for some more tweaks and hoped I'd be able to make a decision in an instant I'd see them. 

Yeah, right. In my dreams!!! I stared at them for - basically - hours and was unable to make a decision. Both covers were beautiful and both had strong points why should I pick either of them.

So, what did I do? I asked my husband and some of my closest friends what do they think. The scales was even for a long time. The dice has fallen when both my daughter Loris and my mum both picked the same. 

I made it through the first obstacle.  

By the way - the book cover will be revealed between 16th and 20th of May. Not long now...

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