Monday, 30 May 2016

Going Indie #7 ~ Thunderclap campaign

Going 'indie' wasn’t an easy decision for me. But at least I know everything depends on me.
And by 'everything', I mean marketing and sales promotions. 

Being signed by the small press in the past I had a false feeling that the majority of this work would be done by them. After all I did sign my author's rights to them. 

Don't get me wrong, I knew I'd have to promote myself through social media a lot and I did, but I was wrong to think they'd actually put some work into marketing/sales promotion. Well, we learn as we go, right?

Although I worked in sales for a quite a number of years and was successful in the field, I had never been asked to promote 'me' or my work. 

When it comes to that I tell the truth - like it is - about me. 
Sometimes I rather keep my accomplishments for myself than to blow my own horn. To be honest, I had failed quite a number of job interviews just because of that fact. Crazy, right? But that's who I am.

And now I'm on a crossroad. I can stay this way - I know I can - or I can overcome myself and try to do my best to reach my goal I set for myself a few months ago.

By exploring the field of marketing and possibilities that are out there, I came across Thunderclap. How does it work? Basically:

“Thunderclap amplifies your message with the power of the crowd.”

At least that’s what is written on their homepage. 

So here it goes. This is the link to my Thunderclap campaign.

I'd really appreciate if you could join in - helping me spreading the word about a publication date of my novel. It's simple to join in – just a click or two, nothing more and on 20th June 2016 they'll send out on your behalf my message. All I need to do is – get your support - a support of at least 100 people. 

Thank you. 

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