Monday, 13 June 2016

Going Indie #9 ~ All That the Heart Desires poster no. 1

For a long time now, I have known I'll never be able to do everything. Not that I'm being lazy or stupid not to learn the craft, but due to the lack of time. The day has only twenty-four hours, and in those hours I need to squeeze in almost everything I MUST and I WISH to do.

It's not easy, so there must be decisions made what I can and am able to do.

One of things I think at least for the foreseeable future I'll never really truly master is - making the amazing add posters for my novel(s).

And then - long distance friends step in. It's really is astonishing to realise I have so many of them.

I always admired posters from Pauline Barclay. They were/are always eye catching. So not so long ago when she posted her last on Facebook, I asked her how she does them and she told me and explained, but not being computer savvy... well you can imagine (sorry Pauline). 

But then the next day Pauline surprised me sending me two of her creations for my novel. I never expected her to do, but she did. And I can't thank her enough for it.

Do you want to see it? Here it is... Isn't it fab?

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