Friday, 22 July 2016

Going on holidays ~ be (right?) back

actually in two weeks. I'm a bit of a Bedouin. I love to travel and thankfully so does my family. And that means that we choose each year a different type of holiday. 

Last year we stayed on our own coast and we had lovely time. Two years ago, we were in Croatia. A year before that in south Dalmatia also part of Croatia, etc... 

In our "short" time of being a family we visited Tunisia ~ twice and had a marvellous time. But that was before current troubles. We were in Italy. Made days trips to Austria and Croatia ~ well, as they are our neighbouring countries, no wonder. And we travelled around our country. 

Five years ago we did a 'round' trip around south, south-west and east England with our own car. Travelling through Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium - have really interesting stories with our encounters with The R0 road around Brussels, France and back. And we had a marvellous time. 

It's a long story, why we did it that way. Perhaps next time. 

Having so much fun, seeing so many things and due to a bit of a terrifying situation in Europe and the Mediterranean, my OH and I decided to return back to the UK, hoping for other remarkable and unforgettable days. 

I'll try to post some photos, but as I'm not planning to take my laptop with me, this might be a bit difficult. 

You're probably asking: 'Where are they going?' 

Well, here is the answer...

Oh, did I mention I always name our travels?


  1. Have the most fabulous time. If you get to Bangor in North Wales, be sure to say hi to my family! xx

    1. Thank you! Oh my... we are actually staying two nights in Bangor... lol... :)

  2. Sorry I'm rather late, catching up with your Holiday blog and seeing your photographs but Iv now started my quest to follow your fun, thank you June xx