Friday, 15 July 2016

Seven months

I started to write my WIP #3 in January. To be precise - on 4th of January. Seven months and eleven days later - the manuscript has 101.000 words and I'm almost nearly done with my first, second and third draft. But I'm not finished yet.

I know, I know... a lot of writers say that you should write first draft and finish it, without editing it during the process of writing. Well, I'm not most of writers. I don't do 'by the book'. I'm not a plotter either so my writing is a bit of a mess. 

I go where the characters take me and sometimes they take me back to correct their 'wrong' doings. And that's what I like with the writings. Nothing is set in stone most of the things can be corrected - including my characters' lives - until those last two words are written - The End

But here is another problem. I have an agreement with my editor to send her my manuscript till 1st August. You are probably thinking why I am panicking. Well, I'm not - yet. The thing is, I don't have two weeks’ time to finish my three drafts of my manuscript. I have one week only. 

Why, you ask?  

The thing is next Saturday my family and I are going away for our two weeks holiday. No. I'm not going to tell you right now where we are going. But the thing is - we'll be mostly travelling and... 

Well, holidays are holidays, right?

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