Monday, 4 July 2016

There is always a first time for everything

Well, as my first 'debut' novel All That the Heart Desires is now re-published (self-published) - and putting my second novel under submission to another publisher - I'm writing my third novel.

For some of you it will not be a surprise to tell you that I'm at 90K+ words with my manuscript. What actually is strange is the fact that although I know what the ending will be, the characters don't want me to finish their story. They won't let me finish it. 

Before this novel, every time I figured the ending, the story finished itself in a week or two maximum. This time this is not the case. 

It doesn't matter that in my head I already have a base story-line for my fourth (in English) novel. No! It looks like they want me to tell their story in their own terms, not mine. 

It looks like I will just have to go with the flow...

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