Sunday, 21 August 2016

Holiday 2016 ~ Crossing Europe

I know I promised to write about our Holiday, to describe to you where were we and what had we seen, but, the truth is ~ sometimes life gets in a way and the promises we made can be kept, just more time than we thought passed between the promise and actualization of it.
Unfortunately we had a family crisis and although the things are not yet back to normal, recently the hope that everything will be OK increased. And here I am, writing my blog again.

As this was not our first travel like that - we had alreday been to the UK (south England) in 2011, OH and I knew exactly which road we're going to take. Before our actual travel I'd made a file with all the necessary papers, like ferry tickets, hotel reservations, some information of the attractions we wanted to see, and of course our family main target ~ to find the DRAGON I knew IS (still) on display at one of so many beautiful castles in Wales. 

Like I said in my previous blog post (you can find it here: Holiday 2016 ~ Going on a Quest ), we were heading across Europe to the UK, with the final destination being Wales. But to get there, we had some countries to cross. 

Of course we needed to travel to the border with Austria. We had chosen border crossing Slovenia:Šentilj / Austria:Spielfeld border crossing. It was closer to our home town and the other reason was - Karawanks Tunnel Crossing is basically during the Summer time known for its infinitive congestion. You can ask any Austrians or Germans that travel to the Adriatic Sea for their holiday if this is true.

We travelled through Austria smoothly, despite road works and endless tunnels on the motorway from Graz to Passau in Germany. Then the longer part of our journey started. Germany. 
Five years ago my daughter at that time age seven, frustratingly stated: 
'It can't be that big!'
after she got on her endless questions of 'Where are we?' we answered: 'In Germany.' 
Well, it is. Passau, Regensburg, Nürnberg, Würtzburg, Frankfurt am Main and Cologne were the cities we left behind on our way. One after the other, until we got to the small town of Frechen just outside of Cologne where we had stopped for our first night.

Smiles tell everything, right?

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