Saturday, 13 August 2016

Holiday 2016 ~ Going on a quest

As I wrote in my previous blog post: Going on hols ~ be right back my family and I love to travel. We do love to lie on a beach for two weeks too. Well, at least I do, but my kids don't let me relax with my books for too long, but here and there we are packing our things into our car (not camper) and we are on our way.

I like to say I'm a bit nomadic, but I love to be comfy too... that means, I don't like to travel in a trailer and I definitely don't like to spend my year hardly waiting for holidays in a tent. Nope! That's not for me. 

So every time we decide to travel around for our holiday, I'm at my desk a few months before, searching and surfing the internet ~ read ~ and hunting the hotels on the road we plan to take. It's part of the fun and this way I feel like the holiday is already in progress. 

This year our 'final' destination was ~ as already told ~ round trip around Wales and after that spending tree nights in London, covering that trip:
~ research for my current WIP (perhaps even for one of my future ones)
~ meeting for the first time in person two good friends I met on Facebook quite a few years back. Yes, you can believe me - you can really make good friends on Facebook.

As ~ in case you forgot ~ we're not English and I certainly (and sadly) don't live in the UK, our journey started three weeks ago in a beautiful and small country, approximately 900 miles from crossing the English Channel.

It was a bright  and early - 4am - Saturday morning...

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