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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Holiday 2016 ~ Aberystwyth

Coming to Aberystwyth we figured out that our accommodation was not really IN Aberystwyth. We came to the town in the afternoon it was obvious to us that we came in time of rush hour (depending on one's perspective). 

I was a bit surprised that the road which lead us out of the town went up on the hill with 11% slope. Not that we are not accustomed by that kind of the slope, but to be honest - it was the first one which we encountered - basically in the middle of the town. But was was even more amazing, was that the road which we should have been taken split into two, with the one that went from 11% slope to 15%. Luckily OH didn't notice that he should have taken that one, but nevertheless, we found our way out.

Finding our guest house we checked in and decided to went back to Aberystwyth as Patrik run out of his nectarines and that was just something it wasn't vise to be without. So we went back, looking for a shop and got what we needed - for a state of 'emergency'. Better to be safe than sorry.

So we were returning back to our guest house and unfortunately I forgot to turn off the navigation. Of course the second time OH realised that he took the 'wrong' turn the first time and this time he took the road with 15% slope. Ummmm... it was a bit of an anxious time... to be honest. 

With not much speed - remember the rush hour - and with a car ahead of us and behind us, OH was brave enough that he shifted into second gear. Ouch... I had a feeling that we were close to going backwards than forwards. The feeling that even our car wanted to ask OH if he bought his wisdom on a garage sale was very much present. Of course I was rather silent, not to scare the children. 

Rather quickly my OH realised his mistake and shifted back to the first gear and somehow slowly we managed to get up the hill and out of the town for the second time.

Close to dinner time we were looking for a pub where we could get something to eat. Well, we could get something at the guest house, but we decided that it was not the time to get back in yet, so we drove until we got to Borth.

Although the weather through the day was more or less completely cloudy, in Borth the scenery completely shifted. But you can see this with your own eyes. 

 I didn't want to leave...

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Holiday 2016 ~ Going to the North

The next day, after we left the friendly Connaught Guest House and Pembroke we followed my planned route up north. Our next stop was St David's Cathedral in St Davids. Another amazing place to see, of course along with the Bishop's palace.

There is just something with Gothic architecture that draws me in like a moth to a flame. I cannot help it but to admire those magnificent buildings and the people from the past that had built them. What achievements with every single structure that still stands and defies the time.

Leaving St Davids we followed the road and as usual when we thought we were in our car for too long, we made a stop. Unfortunately I haven't remembered the name, but as it was already close to lunch time, we combined the stop with the break on the beach 
The only brave one in the water...
and a playground.
While Patrik played there I met a nice lady and we started to chat. Well, I think I don't need to tell you that my OH was not surprised seeing me talking with the people. I always do that. If people approach me I have no trouble with the conversation. 

The one thing I'm not going to forget was a poor waiter in a pub for whom I had a feeling that he would rather leave the premises than to serve us. He looked so scared and till this day I have no idea why.

Nevertheless it was an interesting experience and we drove forwards, making our next stop at Cilgerran Castle, where of course we had to take our pictures with the straw knight. 

After that the OH had decided had seen enough for a one morning. As Patrik is an early riser, we were usually first in the line for our breakfast, so the decision was mutual that we continue our journey onto Aberystwyth. 

I'm sure I don't need to explain how much trouble I had just to say the name of the city...  

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Monday, 19 September 2016

Holiday 2016 ~ Research at Pembroke

Coming to Pembroke was as much exciting as it was a bit scary. 

We came into town and suddenly I had that vision - I was here before! And I blurted that out loud too. My OH looked at me like I'm going crazy. Even the kids went silent on the back seat.
It was our first time in Wales, let alone in Pembroke. How on earth could I have been in Pembroke before. Yet, I was familiar with the streets, and everything that was there. I KNEW THE TOWN!

And then it hit me just like the idea that I was in Pembroke before. Well, I was. Several times before. Sort of.

When I do research for my novels, I mostly use Google Earth. And 'traveling' with it. I visited Pembroke and gosh, it really gives you the feeling you were there in person. 

Finding the Connaught Guest House - a lovely place we spent the night in Pembroke, we realised we came too soon to check in. Knowing we were barely five minutes from the castle premises, we parked the car and walked back to the castle. It was the place I wanted to see, to explore.  

Part of my WIP is set in Pembroke and its castle. I just had to see the whole thing with my own eyes. Walking through its premises with my own pace. OH knew that and they left me on my own. Loris walked with me for some time, but at the end even she gave up and joined him and her brother.

I took my time and totally explored it. I was... everywhere. 

At least everywhere I was allowed to go.

Yes that's me on the top of the Twin-Towered Gatehouse. It was in my greatest interest. 
OH took my photo from below while I was up there taking it all in. It was important I memorised everything around me.

While walking all the stairs and all the towers, the Great Keep, the rooms and the halls, the hallways and of course the inner yard, I completely forgot about the time. Until I saw my two men patiently waiting for me down below in the cafe.

Only then I looked at the time and realised... it was time to go. The hour was late and we had spent more than four hours there. 
Neither of them gave me the hard time because of that. They knew it was important for me and for my novel. 
It hit me right then - on the top of the Twin-Towered Gatehouse - I truly have an amazing family. 

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Friday, 16 September 2016

Romantic Novelists' Association Blog: June Moonbridge: When you love what you do…

Today you can read all about how things can be done if...  

Welcome to June Moonbridge who tells us how she fits her writing into her life and what works for her. It came to me one day. The desire to sit down and write again came to me so powerfully that I was just unable to ignore it... It was the time when I finally made up my mind and decided to try and write my next novel...

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Friday, 9 September 2016

Holiday 2016 ~ going West

The next day we continued our journey to the west of Wales. South West I think is the right term.

Unfortunately we were too early in the morning to visit Carreg Cennen Castle. But at least we were able to take photos from the far end, where the visitors were to park. 
While continuing - a bit disappointed - on our way, we 'accidentally' drove through Carmarthen. We stopped and realised we were in Wales' oldest town. 

Taking the time to explore it, we found out that it goes back to the Arthurian times - allegedly Merlin himself was born in a cave outside of the town. 

Leaving the town we headed forward to visit and see another castle on our way. I think by now you already realised we are very fond of visiting old places and buildings; castles are no exception. 

Our next stop was Kidwelly Castle. Another beautiful place we weren't sorry to visit.

 Leaving that lovely place behind, I knew on my next stop - my research finally begins...

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Holiday 2016 ~ Lizzie's moment

Leaving Caerphilly and the dragon, we followed our route and our next stop was at Port Talbot. You're probably questioning yourself why and if I told you the truth why I had chosen Port Talbot for our next sleep over... well, it has to do something connected with my work and that's all I'm going to say about it.

Seeing what we wanted to see - until the night fall, we wondered what to do next and although I knew that very close to Port Talbot is settled another great estate, I didn't mention this to my OH. 

But then back in our hotel room, he found it on the internet. Of course I jumped at the proposal that we go and visit the place. Although it was quite late in the afternoon, we still managed to scoot around it.

Coming in at the entrance, the first thing that caught my interest were the Orangery and the ruins of a chapel or church close by. 

I like the ancient places so of course I just had to enter it and my daughter followed. After coming out we realised that my OH took our son and walked around the park  keeping to the gravel paths, where there were no steps. OH simply hates them. 

And then it happened - my Lizzie's moment. You know - from Pride and Prejudice? 
To tell the truth. I love Pride and Prejudice. The book, the series - especially BBC's 1995 one, the movies. 
Although the 'lake scene' is/was memorable, the one I just couldn't thought it might ring true was the scene when Lizzie sees Pemberly for the fist time. 
You know, this one.
Watch only the beginning - about 18 sec.: 

Yes, exactly this happened to me, when I came out of the ruins. I looked up and followed the path straight on. The path my OH and son didn't take… and I saw this!

I stood there and I just couldn't stop a laugh from escaping. Loud. The only thing different was; I couldn't stop so quickly as Lizzie did and I couldn't look away either. Finally my daughter came to me and asked:

"Is everything OK with you, Mum?"
Only then I forced myself to stop laughing although deep down in me, I still did. We walked the path straight forward. I wanted to see it up close as soon as possible. 
Unfortunately we were too late to do the complete tour, although it's worth fully exploring.

But to be honest - I had my moment there. The one I'm never going to forget for sure. 
And there is always hope, someday I'll be back again.

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