Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Holiday 2016 ~ Aberystwyth

Coming to Aberystwyth we figured out that our accommodation was not really IN Aberystwyth. We came to the town in the afternoon it was obvious to us that we came in time of rush hour (depending on one's perspective). 

I was a bit surprised that the road which lead us out of the town went up on the hill with 11% slope. Not that we are not accustomed by that kind of the slope, but to be honest - it was the first one which we encountered - basically in the middle of the town. But was was even more amazing, was that the road which we should have been taken split into two, with the one that went from 11% slope to 15%. Luckily OH didn't notice that he should have taken that one, but nevertheless, we found our way out.

Finding our guest house we checked in and decided to went back to Aberystwyth as Patrik run out of his nectarines and that was just something it wasn't vise to be without. So we went back, looking for a shop and got what we needed - for a state of 'emergency'. Better to be safe than sorry.

So we were returning back to our guest house and unfortunately I forgot to turn off the navigation. Of course the second time OH realised that he took the 'wrong' turn the first time and this time he took the road with 15% slope. Ummmm... it was a bit of an anxious time... to be honest. 

With not much speed - remember the rush hour - and with a car ahead of us and behind us, OH was brave enough that he shifted into second gear. Ouch... I had a feeling that we were close to going backwards than forwards. The feeling that even our car wanted to ask OH if he bought his wisdom on a garage sale was very much present. Of course I was rather silent, not to scare the children. 

Rather quickly my OH realised his mistake and shifted back to the first gear and somehow slowly we managed to get up the hill and out of the town for the second time.

Close to dinner time we were looking for a pub where we could get something to eat. Well, we could get something at the guest house, but we decided that it was not the time to get back in yet, so we drove until we got to Borth.

Although the weather through the day was more or less completely cloudy, in Borth the scenery completely shifted. But you can see this with your own eyes. 

 I didn't want to leave...

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