Monday, 19 September 2016

Holiday 2016 ~ Research at Pembroke

Coming to Pembroke was as much exciting as it was a bit scary. 

We came into town and suddenly I had that vision - I was here before! And I blurted that out loud too. My OH looked at me like I'm going crazy. Even the kids went silent on the back seat.
It was our first time in Wales, let alone in Pembroke. How on earth could I have been in Pembroke before. Yet, I was familiar with the streets, and everything that was there. I KNEW THE TOWN!

And then it hit me just like the idea that I was in Pembroke before. Well, I was. Several times before. Sort of.

When I do research for my novels, I mostly use Google Earth. And 'traveling' with it. I visited Pembroke and gosh, it really gives you the feeling you were there in person. 

Finding the Connaught Guest House - a lovely place we spent the night in Pembroke, we realised we came too soon to check in. Knowing we were barely five minutes from the castle premises, we parked the car and walked back to the castle. It was the place I wanted to see, to explore.  

Part of my WIP is set in Pembroke and its castle. I just had to see the whole thing with my own eyes. Walking through its premises with my own pace. OH knew that and they left me on my own. Loris walked with me for some time, but at the end even she gave up and joined him and her brother.

I took my time and totally explored it. I was... everywhere. 

At least everywhere I was allowed to go.

Yes that's me on the top of the Twin-Towered Gatehouse. It was in my greatest interest. 
OH took my photo from below while I was up there taking it all in. It was important I memorised everything around me.

While walking all the stairs and all the towers, the Great Keep, the rooms and the halls, the hallways and of course the inner yard, I completely forgot about the time. Until I saw my two men patiently waiting for me down below in the cafe.

Only then I looked at the time and realised... it was time to go. The hour was late and we had spent more than four hours there. 
Neither of them gave me the hard time because of that. They knew it was important for me and for my novel. 
It hit me right then - on the top of the Twin-Towered Gatehouse - I truly have an amazing family. 

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