Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Holiday 2016 ~ Bangor & Anglesey ~ Part One

It's been a while since I wrote about our summer holidays. October was a bit hectic for me (personally) so I'm not ashamed to say that I'm glad it's over. 

In my mind I know that the next 6 weeks will be tough on me too - the weeks between Samhain and the Yule are always the toughest weeks of the year for me... but that's a completely different story.

Let's go back to Wales - to be honest - I'd love to go back in person right now, but some memories might do just as well...

To help you recollect where have we been last - hop quickly to my last Holiday 2016 blog post ~ here it is: Holiday 2016 ~ Aberystwyth.

We travelled the next day from Aberystwyth further north. Our final destination for the day - Bangor.

We stopped a few times along the road and the most interesting moment we had was crossing the Penmaenpool Bridge. The weather was a bit murky, but that didn’t change our mood. After all we were on our holidays.

As the Penmaenpool Bridge is the toll bridge, we stopped at the toll house. There he was, an elderly gentleman who was collecting the toll. While I was paying he looked at all of us and very kindly asked if he could ask a question. The thing was – he was wondering where were we from. As there was nothing to hide, we told him. 
Afterwards he told us he saw pretty much almost every European registration plates, but ours were unfamiliar to him. We had talked for a quite some time, until there were a few more cars behind us and we had to say farewell to him. I was a bit sad as he told us a few things about Penmaenpool and the bridge and I’m quite sure we could have learned more if we wouldn’t cause a queue at the bridge.

Continuing our journey we stopped at Caernafon castle and made a tour at its premises. The rain stopped when we got there so we had a nice walk around. Another impressive building I had a hard time to leave behind.

Afterwards we were heading straight to Bangor.

When we came to the town we went straight for the hotel. When we found it, we were all astounded - the hotel was situated at the verge of the coast line, with the views of Bangor Pier and the sea. 
It was perfect - outside. I took my bag and went to check us in and realised that... OH was going to kill me.

There were stairs everywhere. Narrow and steep stairs. From the parking to the hotel and reception. From the reception to the next building of the hotel, where our room was... yes, you're right if you are thinking - on the second floor. Stairs again.

You see, my OH had a motorcycle accident years ago - before we met and it looks like he never healed properly. He has troubles walking up and down the stairs and when it comes to the steep ones, it's even harder - not to mention - we needed to drag two large suitcases up these stairs as we were staying for two days...

It was late in the afternoon and after my long and meaningful persuasion, we finally left the room and went exploring the town centre.

Finally lady luck sprinkled some magic star dust on us. As you probably remember - my son does not eat everything - it has nothing to do with him being spoiled, it has everything to do with his Autism. And the one thing he doesn't eat is - brace yourself - potato. Of any kind. And I mean really - ANY KIND! His favourite meals contains, rice, meat and pasta...


...we found perfect restaurant for our supper.

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