Thursday, 8 December 2016


I never thought about being artistic myself.

OK. Perhaps I know how to plot and twist and write stories, but I think I inherited it from my mother. She is a superb storyteller. I always loved to listen to her telling the stories from her childhood... I still do.

But what I never could do, and still can't - is to draw, to paint, even doodling is a sort of mystery to me. And that made me sad - it still does. 
I had a good grade with Art, but... well, I'll be honest - I never considered any of my attempts average. I love paintings. I have my favourites and my taste is my own and I'm not going to explain or apologise for it. 
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And then it happens; I know that for many years though, but nevertheless... 
Today's gift from my daughter Loris (she's 12 yrs old) - for the St. Nicolas (the first good man in December we celebrate) left me speechless... 

Unfortunately the photo doesn't do the painting justice.

It's what she's painted at school - in her Art Class. The technique she used is pastel. And the landscape she caught... 
She has the talent, no doubt. I just wonder from who.
Can't wait to see the two others she said she's done...

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