Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Our Christmas tradition

Everybody seems so cheerful as soon as Halloween is gone, waiting for Christmas to come. I - on the other hand - am struggling seeing all the Christmas decorations in the stores, all shops already decorated with ornaments two months before... geez... please give us some space to breathe. And the worst thing - I cannot escape this. 
(I love this meme as describes me perfectly - I'm no. 2)
Sure, I do my Christmas shopping in December, rarely before. I'm planning to write Christmas cards, but as it happens, they don't go to the post office before the last week before Christmas. You see, time, or better, lack of time, is my enemy.

For as long as I remember, we have put up our Christmas trees on Christmas eve's day. As 24th of December is not a public holiday where I live, I take a day off then Christmas eve's day is all about Christmas. We decorate the tree. We prepare each others gifts - sure Santa is going to bring them. We prepare a nice dinner - with a notion that my son will probably eat something completely different than the rest of us, but we don't care as long as he sits with us and eats. 
And this is what makes my day and my spirit fall into the Christmas mood.

I'm trying to understand that people have different kinds of tradition than my own and that's why I'm not going to share my thoughts about people putting up their Christmas tree the last week in November. But I'm going to be honest too - I'm not going to apologise for them either.

So no matter what your Christmas tradition is - enjoy it in full. Don't let it be put down by anyone. I know I'm not going to. 

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