Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Proof and a Book Cover Reveal Tour

It's been some time since I told you that my second novel CAUGHT BETWEEN TWO WORLDS is ready to be published.
Yesterday I finally got my proof of the paperback version. 

To be honest - it's not nice from me to write - finally. According to the order being placed to Create Space last Wednesday - it was said that the book would arrive today; 28th of December. And that was the reason why I put my work's address as the delivery address. I wanted to get it as soon as possible.

Due to my son's school Christmas party show, I was off work on Friday. So you can imagine my surprise when I came into work yesterday morning that a parcel was waiting for me in my office. Sure, the first thing that I did was to check from where and from whom it was. It was from Create Space and I learned later that the parcel had already been delivered on Friday - in just two days.

I checked it quickly and so did my colleagues at work... but the real proof read is not something I'm scheduled to do. You are never going to guess who is doing it!

My OH. 

Yesterday as soon as I texted him a photo of the book, he texted back:
"I'm the first one who is going to read it. Can't wait. Come home now!"

Yeah, if only it would be that simple!  
So, today he's home reading and I'm at work - so not fair... :)

You don't know how much I want to show you the beautiful cover that my cover designer Elle J. Rossi from EJR Digital Art did for it. But I can't just yet. Why? 

The reason is that I have booked a book cover blog tour by JB Johnston from Brook Cottage Books and it will be done from 9th of January till 13th of January. 

So until then... a teaser...  a small part of...

p.s. By the way - I took a photo of him reading - but he doesn't allow me to publish it... what a shame...