Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Seamstress Clara

For the past few weeks months I've been editing my third novel. You read it right – months. The thing is – I needed to go through it quite a few times. But that was not the reason why it took  takes me months. Yup, I'm still not finished.  

Firstly I blamed the months from the edge of hell – end of September and October. Not many good things happened then – and one really bad thing happened – I lost my dear friend and that put everything on hold.

After I managed to process the matter and accepted that it had actually happened – the months from hell followed – November and December right up to 21st. Everything piled up on me: work, home, school, home works,  therapies, etc...

You name them I probably did them. My batteries were close to empty even before the sun went down... I had no wish, no desire, and no energy to even sit down and edit. I tried, but didn't do much.

Then last week, when I finally found some time to sit down and take the manuscript into my hands, everything looked so easy. I managed to go through almost one quarter of it. I looked through the window and there was still sun outside.

And then it hit me. Hard. You could say I had a breakthrough.

You know – here where I live we have a saying – which I'm going to try and translate. It rhymes in my language, but I promise you – it won't in English.

Seamstress Clara – through the night she sews, and rips apart through the day.

The meaning of it is that if you're not careful what you do when you do it – you're probably going to have to mend it.

I felt like Clara. I write / sew better during the night and I can get myself into editing / ripping apart only during the day...

So, recognising and accepting this thing about me – about my writing – I know now, that for my following novels, I'm definitely going to take days off from work until the deed is done.


  1. This is a fascinating post - a post that most writers can relate to. Revising is so essential. Cut out everything that doesn't move the story forward. Cut out adjectives whenever you can. Pare it down to the bone. Good luck! xx

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Revising it's not an easy task, that's for sure. xx