Saturday, 14 January 2017

Big Shout Out... an amazing tour host JB Johnston and her equally good Brook Cottage Book blog. The past five days she has been organizing and leading an amazing #Book #Cover #RevealTour for my second novel 

Pre-Order links:
JB managed to organize the tour with twelve book bloggers (her own book blog was the thirteenth) who were showing the book cover to the world for the first time. 
From Monday to Friday, everyday there were an uncountable amount of FB posts, tweets, re-tweets from JB, the book bloggers, their followers and from those who think the book cover is amazing and deserves to be seen also by the rest of the population.

So my "thank you" goes not just to JB and her superb organization, but also to all other twelve book bloggers that were hosting my novel through the week:

and last, but not at all least:

Ladies from the bottom of my heart: