Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Reading the proof

My OH read the proof of Caught Between Two Worlds in - 24 hours. Believe it or not. He started one day and he finished it the next. I actually managed to take a photo of him reading and he even didn't notice. I wanted to put on the photo the same day, and just before I did, I told him about it. Well, he wanted me to alter it... basically he demanded to 'cut off' his head. 

Don't ask me why... I won't tell you. All I can say is - it's a stupid reason, but hey, that's life. Full of compromises. 

So during his reading of the novel, I had heard a lot of sighs - especially if I asked him a question or asked him to do something for me or for the children, or... well, you know how it is. If you are at least a bit like me, every single thing is bothering you while you're reading. I have to confess, I was returning the 'favours'. 

After he was finished and he said he enjoyed it; I mean, I knew I saw/heard it - I asked him if he had spotted any grammar mistakes or anything that I and the proof-reader had missed. 

OH looked at me and honestly said:
"Yes, sure. One or two."
I looked at the paperback but there were no sticky notes popping out of it. Of course my next question to him was:
He looked at the book on the table and then me and innocently said:
"You wanted me to mark them?"

 Ummmm... YES! That's the point, isn't it! 

Of course those two sentences were just formulated in my head and probably they were on display written in a large cloud above my head.

"I can try and find them for you..." OH said after I said nothing.  

I just smiled and shook my head. He enjoyed the story. Why should I spoil it for him?

So, instead of confirming the book to the Create Space or at least correcting what needs to be corrected - I'm reading it. I'm already half way through and hopefully I'll manage to finish it on time. 

After all, next week the book cover reveal tour starts. It should be on Amazon for preorder too...

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