Sunday, 1 January 2017

The first day of the year...

My Grandmother was a very wise woman. Unfortunately I lost her when I was seven and that's a long time ago, but nevertheless I still miss her and my memories of her are all good. 

The one thing I remember very well, were her words:
"Be careful what you do on 1st of January. This is what you're going to do throughout the year."

Basically this words are imprinted in my brain.

You can imagine I try to avoid housework on 1st January like a plague. And to be honest, I... - well, let's just say - my Grandmother was right.

We are - quite frankly - not by our own choice - early risers. It doesn't matter when we go to sleep - my son is up - LATEST - at 6:30 am. We can party all night - well, he doesn't care for this and goes to sleep when he's sleepy - someone has to get up with him when he wakes. And usually on 1st of January this is me.

After the rest of the family members get up and the presents are opened and a large mug of the black beans liquid is gone, we are going to visit our parents/grandparents. It's something we do every year as - basically a bit of superstition doesn't hurt - according to OH the first one that comes to visit on a 1st of January, must be a man. A long story, never really understood it myself.

When we are finally home - I'm trying to do everything possible to stay awake. But to be honest - not even the magic black liquid helps. So, OH and I are trying to get some naptime separately, so someone is awake as children are awake.

And then - there are things I want to do. I need to do. And it doesn't matter how tired I am - I do. 

I write. I edit. 

Because, based on my grandmother's words - this is something I want to do through out of the year!

Hope you did/are doing the things today you want to do the rest of the year...


  1. Happy New Year June to you and your wonderful family. Life is not very easy for you all, but you have so much determination, patience and always put your family first. I salute you and have so much admiration and respect for you, as well as being very honoured to have you as a friend ASWELL as one of my favourite authors.
    Your Grandma was certainly very wise, I'm so sorry you lost her so young, I was very lucky to have both NY Grandmothers for many years, and taught me so much.
    I really love reading your blog's as I have your work, and am very excited for your new book to be out in February, and look forward to many more. I really don't know how you manage with all you have to endure, but you do have a very special family, as you are yourself, my friend. X

    1. Thank you so much Michele. I really don't know what to say but... I'm truly blessed with friends like yourself. Happy New Year to you too... xxx