Thursday, 16 February 2017

NOT your ordinary romance novel

Being the same as every author I was waiting for reviews. You know that as I wrote about it few days ago... And look! They've started to show up. 

Some positive 5 STAR reviews (on Amazon and Amazon UK) and some not so positive 2 star review, firstly written on Reading Alley and copied to Amazon, but right beside that one you can also find one nice 4 STAR review too. 

To be honest it did hurt to read that 2 star review. Sure it did, but after a while - a loooong while - I realised, well, some readers won't like my novel. 

We just can't please everyone and that's OK. I just have to toughen up... get a thicker skin... I will... in a while... probably a long while...

But in the meantime - you can get my novel and read it yourself, if you haven't already. 
If you did, I'd appreciate an honest review and if you didn't... 

'Why don't you get your copy and ...

Well, it's written in the ad above. I was told not to be repetitive.

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