Monday, 6 February 2017

Waiting patiently

I know it's still early, as Caught Between Two Worlds was just published on 1st of February, nevertheless I await patiently for the first review.

Patiently means that I check several times per day 
and all other sub-pages I know where the books have been bought.

I check Goodreads and if you're a member of Goodreads I'd love to see you mark the novel as 'Want To Read".

Of course I check Reading Alley and I definitely cannot forget about Readers Review Room .

So far... I still wait.

I know this sounds like I'm obsessed. But this is just IT
This is what we - or at least most of us authors - do, after we send our new 'baby' out to the world. 
We wait for feed-backs and we crave for them. Almost every writer does. We need to know what readers think of it. We have put in our blood and sweat, our imagination, our everything...

Don't let us wait too long...


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