Thursday, 23 March 2017

London's calling

It's been a while since my last blog post. To be honest I haven't even noticed that a month has passed by. In this time my blog - this one of course - celebrated its 2nd birthday... yay!!! 
Didn't noticed until a notification came from FB. O.M.G! Really!
Spring is here - double yay! Finally temperatures reached over 20°C. Hopefully they will stay this way for some time.

Well, life is a bit hectic at the moment. Getting back my WIP for the second time from my editor, writing final corrections, accepting (or not) her suggestions, writing killing blurb, not to mention synopsis... that takes time and - let's be honest - a fair amount of concentration.

But of course I cannot blame complete lack of time only on my writing. You know... real life can be truly demanding. 

However, the weekend me and my OH have been waiting for is finally coming... As on Saturday my OH has his (ahem...) birthday, my present for him is a trip to...Ta-Dah!

Yes, sure... we have been to the UK a couple of times before; but almost never alone and then we hadn't really seen around London. All the other times, we were in UK because of our son's therapy and RDI therapist or we went on vacations (combined with our son's therapy evaluation). Nothing new for us. Basically normality for our life.

So, on Friday morning (double bonus - I'm off work on Friday and on Monday next week - tripple yay!) we are flying to the UK, then we are spending three nights in the Premier Inn London King's Cross Hotel and on Monday...

p.s. As this blog post was written a day before yesterday, I'm letting you know - yes, tomorrow we are still going. No matter what. #WeAreNotAfraid


  1. Safe trip, have a fab weekend and Janez have a wonderful Ahem birthday!! Love from us.. Stay Safe. x

  2. Thank you for the interesting as always fabulous blog. You have such a full life June and not an easy one with so much going on bless you. You always find time for your readers.I really wish Janez and yourself a wonderful time in London, you both deserve a break, and Happy Birthday Janez. Proud to have you as a super friend and very proud and honoured to read all your works xx