Monday, 22 May 2017

Two Gold Bookworm Reviews

It happens that here and there something goes wrong, perhaps not even so terribly, just enough that it made me feel down, inadequate. Well, one of those days was last Friday.

Yes, Friday. 

The day that I hardly wait for every week. The day I should be happy about when it arrives. The day I know after 3 pm, my weekend starts and I will be able to do what I'd like to do - well, mostly. 

But no... it was a crappy day from the start. Somehow I managed to live through most of it, without people even noticing I had a crappy day. I tried so hard to lift my mood, but it looked impossible.

Coming home helped a little. I have two children, you probably know about them and at least my family helped me improve my mood. A little.

And then it happened. A signal from my phone informed me that I received an email on my author's email address. This not that common so I picked it up and looked. I was tagged in a FB post. I wondered what had happened so I checked what it was. 

I started to smile when I saw that my novel 

got the Golden Bookworm review on Readers Review Room.

Here is just a little bit what is written in the Review:

"...Caught Between Two Worlds is a page turner. I liked not knowing what was going on until Veronica did. The description of Egypt, the customs, and language was vivid. It made you feel like you were there..."
 - Kasey Hamlin 

And then I scrolled down and... saw that my novel didn't receive ONLY one, but got TWO Gold Bookworms reviews - on the SAME day. 

The second review starts with:  

"The main thing I found wrong with this book is that I could not put it down..."
- Lucy Bohanon

Now, who wouldn't feel better and start smiling?  
Have I mentioned that it got Chill with a Book READERS’ Award too?