Monday, 20 November 2017

Blank page

I don't feel quite myself lately.

It's nothing too strange actually. The fact is and I have known this for some time now - I really don't like this time of year. Each year from the end of October, until Yule I'm... 

Well, I can't say I'm depressed. But I'm moody and bitchy and all that is due to the fact, that I go to work in the dark and basically I come home in the dark. Only seeing the light of day and if lucky, the sun, through the windows of my office... 

I have just put aside my current WIP. Around 33K words. It just didn't feel right. No wonder actually. The moody me changed the plot the actual me doesn't like it.

Knowing that there is still 5 weeks to go till Yule when the sun is finally coming back (a figure of speech) and the days are going to get longer and my mood better, I have barely touched the keyboard on my computer. I thought it was a waste of time.

But then, two things happened.

First I found this 4 stars rating for CaughtBetween Two Worlds on Goodreads.

And afterwards, I found this lovely review – Blue Bookworm 

– on Readers Review Room for my first novel All That the Heart Desires.

You can imagine; my mood improved significantly.

Blank page... here I come.


  1. How absolutely wonderful to receive more good reviews June, very well done and deserved, I wish more people would read these two fabulous books.
    Your blog just shows how normal and genuine you are, not only as an Author, but A wife, Mum and a human, with feelings, suffering cups and downs, and yet you still come across warm, caring and so sweet. I for one is looking so forward to reading your next book, and know how determined and hard working you are, ASWELL as working full time and being a wonderful Mum even with all the problems. Admiration and respect for you all. When your ready and feel right, you will get your book finished. Very proud to call you my friend. Keep on going xx

    1. Thank you Michele, however I'm not sure I deserve such a praise. But thank you all the same... I'm just lucky to have friends like you... xoxo