Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Handbag Gallery by Jessie Cahalin

A week or two ago I came across an interesting blog Books in my Handbag by Jessie Cahalin

While perusing it, my eyes were caught at the page on the blog called

and here I saw many different handbags with so many novels in them. I was wondering what was it all about, until then I didn't know its purpose. 
In Jessie own words: 

"Books in My Handbag is delighted to present the handbags of authors and their books. This celebration of authors’ work has been a great success, with an astonishing over 200 bags already in the gallery.
Every single composition sets the scene and tells a story.  There are themes such as mystery, escapism, adventure and romance.  The images demonstrate the fact that authors are fun story-tellers who absolutely adore a creative challenge!"   

So, I confess, I took photos of my two novels in my handbag 

and then contacted Jessie to ask if she would be interested in posting them on her Handbag Gallery. 

Guess what? She did! 

If you don't believe me - check it out and while you're there, click on the link of my novels or any other... There are quite a number of them. I'm positive you're going to find something that you like. 

Oh and just one little bit of information for you:
If you are a NetGalley member, Caught Between Two Worlds is on a request there, for reading and reviewing and liking its cover.
Thank you!

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