Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Pict Publishing

As my friends know, I'm a chatty person. Whenever anything exciting happens to me, I have a hard time keeping it to myself. But this time I managed to stay silent.

So, I'm delighted to tell you from today I am an author at Pict Publishing

I'm so excited to begin this new journey with other empowered voices.      

As they say : Pict Publishing is a small publishing company based in the UK. Epic tales featuring strong modern women, written by women.
Giving a voice to a new wave of writers. 

Here is also their annoucement: June Moonbridge joins Pict Publishing

So that means my new novel - At the End of the Summer - of which the cover will be revealed tomorrow (1st March 2018) is going to be published on 1st May 2018 by Pict Publishing.

And here are some links where you can find me:

Meet Pict Publishing Authors 

Pict Publishing Books

Signing off with a glass of wine in my hand...

Oh... I forgot... I have a BOOK COVER REVEAL tommorow...