Monday, 19 February 2018

Proof ordered

I have a hard time believing we're already in the second half of February. I barely managed to do anything and yet, here we are... Only ten days away from the 

While I was working hard on promoting my 3rd novel, I totally missed my 2nd book's 1st birthday which was on 1st February. 

However, I'm going to correct this at the end of the month. Just watch this space.

To be honest, since Friday evening I've been squealing with excitement...

The reason for this is ~ I have already ordered a proof copy of my novel At the End of the Summer and I expect to get it latest on Friday, or so they promised. I cannot wait to get it. 

To check it for the grammar issues that escaped three pairs of keen eyes. To read it one more time before releasing it into the world and into your hands. 

To finally have it in my hands... 


  1. Hi June - happy to feature your new book cover on my blogs - just send over the details! Good luck too