Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Parcel on my doorstep & a 5 STAR review

Friday was a good day. It was the end of only two working days last week. 

Due to Bank Holidays on Tuesday & Wednesday last week, my company decided to close its doors on Monday too. As there was another Bank Holiday prior to the 1st and 2nd May - that is on Friday 27th April - we were home for almost for a week, however this is not something I wanted to share with you.

Coming back, a parcel waited for me. Not exactly on my doorstep, as my OH was home, but on the table in the kitchen. 

Yes, of course you know by the label, what I got. Or do you really. Opening it up was something I needed to wait for, as my OH had lunch prepared for us and although my fingers itched to open it, I waited as a good wife.

However seeing those beauties after opening the box I was even more excited. 

Sure I needed to put them out and take another picture. 
Oh, by the way if I didn't tell you already... My novel At the End of the Summer is available for order as a paperback too, if you prefer paperback over the Kindle. 

And then later, when I was checking and wandering through the Amazon, this 
beauty of a review showed up on Amazon.co.uk.
A perfect ending to a good day...

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