Saturday, 5 May 2018

Trying to avoid potholes

Believe me or not, there are three – looking back now - of the busiest months behind me. Everything collided on my head and – again, believe me or not – it was all my own doing.

I had it planned – most of it. And it was planned perfect, but then… Life doesn’t always play by the rules, right? I should have been used to it, yet I have fallen again, sometimes I can be so naïve. Not seeing all the potholes...

By now you already know I planned the publication date for my third novel way ahead. I marked 1st May 2018 to be it. I scheduled almost everything, so that the publication date would go smoothly, with as much as possible notice to you readers ahead. Open pre-order possibility a month prior the publication date, so that the word would be out and around.

And after I made all the plans for the publication I managed to screw things up almost completely.  Instead of marking the publication date for 1st May, 2018, I marked it for 1st April 2018. When I tried to correct it, I got a ‘friendly’ notice from Amazon, that if I do that, I was about to lose the right for the pre-order for a year. I was, mildly saying – shocked.

With all my apologies to the Pict Publishing ladies, which already scheduled everything, I was advised to approach Amazon directly and explain them my honest mistake.

Due to almost every answer I got from Amazon was negative, I didn’t have my hopes high. But nevertheless, I wrote them a letter and surprisingly, got a very quick reply, letting me know that they understand the mistake I’ve made, however…

… they said that I need to correct the publication date myself and only after this will be done, they are going to be able to give the right for the pre-order status back to me.


I couldn’t believe it.

But they did as they said. I corrected the day, and the day after that, my novel was on pre-order!

So, April came. I worked my last day for the former company and started a new job a week later…

Boy was I in for a surprise…

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